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Corporate training

Lead your business one step closer to the future with rapid corporate upskilling.

Future-proofing businesses of today against the challenges of tomorrow.

The world of work is always changing.

We are witnessing increasingly rapid advancements in technology, society, ethics and law that continue to redefine the way we do business. 

Plus UTS exists to deliver the education businesses need to keep pace.

We work with organisations in a collaborative and multi-faceted way bringing together the right minds from across UTS to better consider all angles of their needs and helping them rapidly upskill to meet the needs of the future.

Our Services

Rapid Upskilling

Rapid Upskilling

Single-day to multi-week short courses and microcredentials made for your workforce and organisation.

Co-designing learning with you

Co-designing learning with you

Collectively design courses that bridge the skills gap and perfectly fit your organisation and its people.

Define organisational learning needs

Define organisational learning needs

We work with you to customise a training solution that is built specifically for your organisation. You can be sure that your people are getting the skills they need to move your organisation forward.

Plan for growth with Business Futures

Plan for growth with Business Futures

Led by world-class experts in leadership and team adaptability for the future, our Business Futures team can help you plan for the next phase of your growth.

Learn from experts in these areas. See what we've created.

How does it work?

We start by seeking to truly understand your needs; what skills your people have now and what skills they need to develop. We'll dive deep into understanding how these are demonstrated in your organisation, including how they need to be applied in people's day to day roles.

The world of work is changing.

COVID-19 has accelerated that change and affected the way we work, the skills we need and the skills shortages we have.

To adapt, organisations need to keep their people skill-relevant. We can help you do just that.

What skills will your organisation need for the future?

Companies large and small and across multiple sectors have been forced to recognise the gap between the skills they have and what is needed in order to tackle the rapidly evolving future of work.

Because of that, learning and development has never been higher on the agenda.

UTS recently spoke to some of Australia's top employers to understand what best practice learning and development looks like for their organisations. 

Get a copy of the report outlining what some of Australia's top practitioners believe has the most impact on their organisations when it comes to training.

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To keep pace with the rapidly changing world of work, organisations need to address their skills gaps.

We monitor the changing skills environment to help our clients understand the competencies their people will need to continue to thrive in business.

We can help you respond to future needs with learning that's targeted, measurable and outcome-driven.

Case study: Telstra + UTS

How PLUS UTS is helping Telstra rapidly re-skill 1000+ people in data capability across six countries

Telstra recognised that helping its customers with data analysis would be a crucial new market, but to do so it needed to build new capabilities within its teams. .

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Acknowledgement of Country

UTS acknowledges the Gadigal people of the Eora Nation, the Boorooberongal people of the Dharug Nation, the Bidiagal people and the Gamaygal people, upon whose ancestral lands our university stands. We would also like to pay respect to the Elders both past and present, acknowledging them as the traditional custodians of knowledge for these lands.